An easy to use, intuitive, universal video laryngoscope



  • Easy setup and start-up
  • Small, portable and effective design to offer the best visualization of endolaryngeal area
  • No risks of infection as the blade is single use
  • Strong, durable design to endure even the most difficult anatomy
  • No need to spend time on selecting right blade size
  • Cormack-Lehane Grade-I view most of the times
  • Detachable probe for cleaning/sanitization
  • Detachable handle to enable cleaning/sanitization
  • Rotating LCD to support view all the times
  • One touch snapshot and record for later reviewing.


  • Reduced time for intubation
  • Reduced trauma to patients as lesser time required for intubations
  • Integrated camera design allows an unobstructed view of the larynx and the vocal cords consistently, every time
  • Integrated display ensures that you don’t have to move your eyes away from the patient
  • Reduced risks of infection as the blade is single use
  • Single adjustable blade fits almost all anatomy, ensuring that you don’t have to stock multiple sizes
  • Connect to additional external display for collaborative learning and teaching
  • Can be used for direct as well as indirect laryngoscopy
  • Built in fog resistance mechanism to ensure clear view all the times
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