about Us

InfraEyes was born in 2011 with a passion to develop Innovative Medical devices that would ease diagnosis and reduce trauma for patients. As a team of Engineers and Thinkers we pursue to build disruptive products that would change the way medical vision technology has been perceived

InfraEyes Mission:

InfraEyes Private Limited was founded with a mission of creating affordable,effective,fast and accurate medical diagnostic solutions. InfraEyes has a special affinity for solving diagnostic problems using non-invasive methods.

InfraEyes Vision:

The company envisions healthcare systems where diagnostics are accessible in every corner of the society and affordable to everybody thereby enabling better medications and procedures. Over the next 5 years the company aims to:
  • Solve 5 unique diagnostic problems
  • Bring smiles to 5 million people
  • Build a sustainable and profitable business around medical diagnostic problem solving