An easy to use, vein locating light for Infants & Neonates

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vGlo uses the time tested technology for locating veins in paediatrics of trans-illumination. It has many advantages over the other current products using trans-illumination. Not only is vGlo very effective and portable; it runs on standard batteries hence can be used anywhere anytime.

  • Easy venous access in infants and children
  • Small and effective design
  • No heating issues
  • Easier visualization of veins for difficult patients
  • Non-invasive and portable



  • Less than 100gms
  • Fits in Palm.
  • Micro USB Charging

Efficient and Reliable

  • No harmful radiations so you can use it as long as required.
  • More than 5 hours’ usage on full charge
  • 4 hours for full charge

Getting started

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